Simulation mode :

Enjoy the limits of what can be done in SL with Virtual Scuba Diving material :

You can use out free Smart Dive HUD to setup your Gas blend (Air or Nitrox, Oxygen %), and Units (Metres, Feet, BAR, PSI)
Air Consumption in Real Time, depending of breathe rate and depth
Real Time Diving Computer with residual Nitrogen in blood and No Deco Time + Deco Stop

Simple mode :

Just wear your equipment
Jump into water...

Forward, Left, Right arrows for direction
PgUp and PgDown Keys (or move your mouse Up/Down in Mouse look) to ascent or dive
You can switch to Fly mode by clicking the "F" key on your keyboard.

Content :

Tank + Buoyancy Control Device (BCD), fully compatible with subOceana - Heps Virtual Dive Systems ecosystem.
Fins (Swim automatically when entering Water, ....)
Regulator with sounds (Ground/Underwater)
Diving Computer HUD, working in real time, based on Real Life algorithms
- Instant Depth
- Max Depth during dive
- No Deco Time
- O2%, (when plugged to tank)
- Deco Stops when needed
- O2 Depth Max Alert

Jacket, Tank, ... are resizable from 30cm to 3m and more, from very small avatars, kids, adults, to giants.