WELCOME to the subOceana RENT & DIVE SPOTS System, the simpler way to try Scuba Diving before buying a complete set of Scuba Gear :

1) If the unit is SET to FREE mode by its owner, just left click it, otherwise right click the "L$" symbol to pay the amount indicated (Some units let you choose how long you want to dive. Left click the "L$" symbol on the R&D Terminal and read the amount per minute in the CHAT. Multiply this by the amount of time you wish to spend on your dive).

2) You get a folder called "R&D Spot Scuba Gear", accept it. (if you own one already , you can cancel and use yours).

3) STAY NEXT TO THE RENTAL TERMINAL and wear everything in the folder in this order:

  • YOU MUST begin with the "_HEPS TIMER - Wear me First"
  • Then RIGHT CLICK on the folder and choose "ADD TO OUTFIT" for the remaining items.

4) Walk into the water and enjoy your dive with a fully functional subOceana Virtual Dive Systems BASIC set of Scuba Gear

5) At the end of the selected period of time (see the info. at the top left of your screen), you just auto-unwear your objects. (You may keep your clothes on ;-)

6) You can extend your time by paying the same terminal (or another terminal on your way) .

Have fun !!!! 


  • If you Unwear ALL your scuba gear , you loose your time credit !!!
  • You cannot "pause" the rental time.
  • Sometimes, if SL™ is slow, you may need to re-wear some items that can detach themeselves, if you choose "add to outfit" from the right click menu in inventory without first wearing the timer.
  • If you detach the timer during rental, you cannot buy extra time. You will have to wait till the end of the time allowed to buy credits again.

YOU CANNOT CROSS SIMS (you have to dive in the sim you pay) during Rentals